what is The Collar

The Collar

In BSDM the collar has many different purposes. Some people have taken the collar out of the bedroom and have started to wear it as fashion accessories. Collars should fight snugly around the throat and many are made of leather while some of the newer ones are made from metal. Many collars have rings that go around them. They are often used by people that are into bondage. If a person likes the feel of something around their neck but cannot wear them in the real world they can substitute collars with necklaces or ribbons during the day. Once the person is back to their bondage play the collar can go back on.
The submissive person has also worn anklets to show that they are submissive to their partner. These are easy enough to cover during the day and can be worn without attracting too much attention. Many people that are into bondage use the collar as a symbol that the submissive person will follow the dominate one. The collar must be earned and they have to feel like they are worthy to wear it. The dominate one gives the collar to their partner to show they are happy with that they have been doing. Only the dominate person can take the collar off the submissive partner and put is somewhere for safe keeping until they next time they have sex. The collar can be worn by the submissive person to show that they are owned and belong to the dominate one. The collar should be worn with pride. When the submissive person has a collar it shows that they have made the dominate person happy and is a symbol of achievement.