Start Slow with roleplay

Start Slow

For those that have not tried BDSM it is recommended that they start off slowly instead of charging right in. A couple can start off experimenting with handcuffs and maybe flogging with a feather and take it from there. Even if a couple is only doing one scene they should take things slow. The scenes can be intense and if the couple is not prepared things will not go as they expect it to. A couple can use soft items at first. They can use feathers to tickle their partner. This will help them relax and help them get in the mood. After a couple of minutes they can continue on with the next move. Even when a couple is well into a
scene they can alternate between intense and less intense moves. This will help ease the fears and allow them to have some fun while experimenting with new BDSM moves. This will help keep things interesting and keep them wanting more. A couple can always add to their sex act. Once they go too far and if they do so too quickly it is hard to turn back. Starting off slowly in not only makes the session last longer it will have both people in the mood. They will get use to some of the things involved with BDSM and will get used to playing the roles. When a couple is engaging in bondage they should start slowly as well. The person on the bottom can hold their body in a fixed position before they are tired up in any way. At this time there is nothing restraining the person. The only thing that holds them in place is their ability to stay still. This will give them a chance to experience the play and see if they like it. If the couple likes it then they can move on from there. As they become more comfortable then handcuffs (for sexual purposes) or ropes can be used. This can get a person comfortable at being in one position without being allowed to move for an extended period of time. When they are cuffed in place they will not freak out but will learn how to enjoy being submissive to their dominate partner.