Bondage Domination Discipline, Sadism and Masochism

Bondage Domination Discipline, Sado/Sadism and Masochism

There are many people out there that are interested in some wild sex. This includes those that enjoy bondage and BDSM. For those that are not familiar with this they may think that all bondage consists of is being tired up and whipped. While partners do enjoy tying each other up there is more to this form of sex than many people. Continue reading “Bondage Domination Discipline, Sadism and Masochism”

Body Modifications

Body Modifications

Some people get certain parts of their body pierced just for BDSM play. People often get piece for a sense of ownership. The dominate partner may allow the submissive partner to get piercings for their sexual pleasure. They can be worm everywhere a person goes and are can be hidden. For example if a person has their nipples pierced they can easily hide this under a shirt. Genital piercings are even easier to hide. Genital piercings can be used for
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Breath Control Play

Breath Control Play

Breath control is better known to most as suffocation or strangulation. When a couple engages in this type of play they need to be very careful. Things can go from fun to very bad within a couple of seconds. When a couple engages in breath control they need to be aware of their partner to make sure it does not go too far. They need to monitor their breathing and be aware of their vital signs. If a couple is going to use some type of strangulation they should be gentle. While gentle and
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Communication in bdsmplay


When a couple is engaging in BDSM acts the key to success is communicating with each other. This is the most important thing that they need to learn. Not only can it be used to command sexual pleasure it can tell a person if they are going too far and need to back off a little. The couple can communicate how they like to be pleased and what they want. If their partner is not doing something right they should be able to tell them. They should be able to say if a person is going too fast or too slow. Some people like quick stroking while others like to take their time and enjoy the act. Some like it rough and enjoy being pounded and they
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Start Slow with roleplay

Start Slow

For those that have not tried BDSM it is recommended that they start off slowly instead of charging right in. A couple can start off experimenting with handcuffs and maybe flogging with a feather and take it from there. Even if a couple is only doing one scene they should take things slow. The scenes can be intense and if the couple is not prepared things will not go as they expect it to. A couple can use soft items at first. They can use feathers to tickle their partner. This will help them relax and help them get in the mood. After a couple of minutes they can continue on with the next move. Even when a couple is well into a
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what is Edge Play

Edge Play

There is nothing sexy about rape. Rape is a horrible thing that is committed. Some people do have a fantasy about their partner raping them but in a consensual way. They may want to act out being in control of someone or having someone completely control them. Pretending to be raped is a common fantasy in BDSM. Both parties have to agree to this and want to be involved. At this point they can plan on how they want to act it out so that they can both
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Finding a smpartner

Finding a Partner

Not everyone is going to like BDSM. For some people it may be too much for them to handle. That is why many think that finding a partner can be a challenge. Before a couple can engage in this type of sexual act they need to be able to trust each other and know that is there is an emergency their partner will save them. This may make some people nervous. There are others that just fine with having regular and plain sex. In BDSM sex there are people that want to be dominant and in control while others prefer to be submissive. Both people need to be able to relax and enjoy the role that
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Master and Slave

Master/ Slave

This is another common scene in BSDM. It seems that modern people are not comfortable with the word slave so for some it is a turnoff. The word slave is different when it comes to sex. It means allowing another to be in total control. It can be a little degrading but the dominate person will be turned on by this. In BSDM is it s form of play. One of the partners will play the part of the Master. This is the person that is going to receive all of the pleasure. They will get to be in control. The job of the slave is to do what the master tells them to do without protest or complaining. In some cases the slaves may be hit with a paddle or a flogger if they were “bad” This is
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Common bdsmToys

Common Toys

There are some toys that will appear often in BDSM. The flogger is one of the most widely used toys. The flogger is more commonly known as a whip. Some of these can be soft while others may be a little harder. Floggers can be made from silk, deerskin, and even nylon rope without the knots. A person can be flogged and the pain from the flogging will allow the body to release endorphins where are a natural pain killer and for some a source of pleasure. The floggers should not leave a mark and a person should vary where they hit their partner. If they hit the same spot over and over again they may get a little sore. Paddles of crops come in different
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SM Lifestyle


Some people are into BDSM just for the sex while others make a lifestyle out of it. BDSM is more than just people walking around in collars. There are a number of respectable people during the day that like to let their wild side come out in the bedroom. Many people find regular sex fun but a little boring. While it is pleasurable they are looking for something else to meet their sexual needs. Some people may develop fantasies such as being tied up or spanked. There are some people that want a place where they can be in control of something. If a person is starting to have these feelings there is nothing that is wrong with them. They can explore a chat room to talk to others that have engaged in these sexual acts. There are a number of
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