Common Types of SM Play

Common Types of Play

Spanking is popular in BDSM. There are a number of things that can be used for the purpose of spanking. Paddles, belts, floggs, and other items can be used. It is recommended to spank the buttocks of the person. The spankee can lay face down and get their punishment. The spanking should start off gentle and increase as it continues. When a person is spanked on the buttocks they can feel heat that is generated from this area and it can travel to the pelvic area. This can raise their arousal level. Spanking can be mixed with kissing and touching as well. Spanking should be followed with some form of soothing act that will bring the couple together and allow them to continue the play. If spanking is being used as a form of punishment that the spankee must know that they are forgiven.

Humiliation is another type of play that people engage in. before using this type of play a couple has to be in agreement and they should know that it is for a sexual purpose. The dominate person will humiliate the submissive one and they need some agreed upon things and boundaries. The dominate person can flog ,hit, or do something similar to their submissive person to let them know that they are in control. Some people find it erotic to call their partner names during sex. They may call them sluts or whores as part of the sex play. For many this can be a turn on. A couple has to make sure they do not go too far. While calling someone a whore during sex may be a turn on after the session is done they need to talk about this and work things out.