What is SM Punishment


This is a topic that many people have some trouble understanding. The word punishment is often mistaken for the word discipline. In real life and in the BDSM world there are two different things. When a couple is playing the punishment is given to a person that is playing the submissive role and they happen to break the rule. They can also be punished if they have displeased the dominate person. The dominate person will be teaching the submissive person what they like and what they want them to do. When they do not follow the rules or do something wrong punishment must be given. This will help make sure the dominate person gets pleased and gets to have the most fun. Punishment can be overused. There are several ways to punish the submissive person that is not doing the right thing.
The person can be whipped, spanked, and anything else that the dominate person feels like doing. The submissive person should know what they are being punished for and how they should fix it for the next time. The punishment should fit the thing that they have done wrong. The dominate person can also take away privileges that the submissive person was given. There are certain things that they will not be able to do or be able to perform without getting permission from the dominate person. They need to earn back the sexual acts that they want to perform. Many submissive people know they are being punished and disappointing the dominate partner is something that is punishment enough for them. When the dominate person is punishing the submissive person it should be solely based on the BDSM play. They should not be punishing them for something that they have done is real life. The punishment should also fit the scene. They should not do something that is out of character and that should be part of another scene.