Master and Slave

Master/ Slave

This is another common scene in BSDM. It seems that modern people are not comfortable with the word slave so for some it is a turnoff. The word slave is different when it comes to sex. It means allowing another to be in total control. It can be a little degrading but the dominate person will be turned on by this. In BSDM is it s form of play. One of the partners will play the part of the Master. This is the person that is going to receive all of the pleasure. They will get to be in control. The job of the slave is to do what the master tells them to do without protest or complaining. In some cases the slaves may be hit with a paddle or a flogger if they were “bad” This is
done for people that enjoy a little bit of pain with their pleasure. They are not being beaten until they cannot move. They are being hit by the Master for pain and for pleasure. The Master will enjoy being in control and punishing the slave. This is all part of a sex game between two consenting adults and should not be taken too harshly. In BDSM playing the part of slave and master can be a lot of fun.