Common bdsmToys

Common Toys

There are some toys that will appear often in BDSM. The flogger is one of the most widely used toys. The flogger is more commonly known as a whip. Some of these can be soft while others may be a little harder. Floggers can be made from silk, deerskin, and even nylon rope without the knots. A person can be flogged and the pain from the flogging will allow the body to release endorphins where are a natural pain killer and for some a source of pleasure. The floggers should not leave a mark and a person should vary where they hit their partner. If they hit the same spot over and over again they may get a little sore. Paddles of crops come in different
sizes and are also used to hit the skin. They can be soft and floppy or hard and stiff. They are often use to strike the buttocks or even the feet. They will be a little painful but if a person likes feeling a little pain they can get some pleasure from them as well. There are a number of creams and gels used in BDSM. Some of these gels can provide a warming sensation of the body. They can go from cold to warm just by blowing on them. There is some edible body paint that will allow the partners to be creative then have some fun removing their artwork from their partner. There are some oils that can be used for heating purposes . Peppermint and cinnamon oils can heat up the skin. This is great for foreplay and for a massage to allow the couple to get each other in the mood. Many of these oils and gels taste pretty good too. Clamps are for more advanced BDSM couples. There are a number of clamps that can be used for different purposes. Nipple clamps are popular and can be placed on a man or a woman. There are also clamps that were designed to be placed on the genitals. Clamps can provide a number of different sensations to the body. Clamps can provide a tingling feeling or just a touch of pain. There are other clamps that will apply more pain. When using clamps a person has to be aware if the pain becomes too much. Clamps can cut off circulation and will decrease blood flow to the area of the body. When playing with clamps they should be used for a short period of time. Many couples have experiments with dildos and vibrators at one time or another. They come in many shapes and sizes. They can be used in a number of ways and inserted into the body. The couple should comminute to make sure they are not inserted too deep especially if they are engaging in anal play. Wax is another fun activity. When using wax for BDSM be sure that paraffin wax is used. This wax has a lower melting temperature and will allow a couple to have fun instead of getting burned. This wax can be found in craft stores and comes in many different colors. When a couple is playing with wax they hold the wax above the body and allow it to drip down onto the flesh. For many this can be pleasurable. A good tip is to shave the area where the wax is going to be applied before having sex. This will make it easier to remove and will not hurt or pull out hairs upon removal.