what is Edge Play

Edge Play

There is nothing sexy about rape. Rape is a horrible thing that is committed. Some people do have a fantasy about their partner raping them but in a consensual way. They may want to act out being in control of someone or having someone completely control them. Pretending to be raped is a common fantasy in BDSM. Both parties have to agree to this and want to be involved. At this point they can plan on how they want to act it out so that they can both
enjoy the sexual experience. When acting out this fantasy the violence is not real. No one should end up being hurt or left in pain. Some people want to be overpowered by their partner and that part is a turn on. They may want to be pushed around a little or have their clothing ripped off. They may even want their partner to have their way and pretend they are fighting back. When a couple is acting out this scene it is going to take a lot of planning and preparation. They need to agree on a safe word as one of their first steps. The victim should act like they are trying to resist. The perpetrator should massage or show a tender mood to their partner once in a while to show that this is just play. Once the scene is over the couple should talk about what happened and how they are feeling. They should talk about what they liked and what could have been done differently. This will keep things fun and remind both people they were just acting. The main difference with this act is BDSM is that both people must consent to the activity. One person is allowing themselves to be controlled by another. If a person is going to act submissive it should be done on their own free will and they should get some type of enjoyment out of this sexual act.