What is Begging


For some begging for sexual acts is a turn on. BDSM includes one person that begs to perform sex act or the other person can beg to receive certain sex acts. This is another form of punishment that is used in the BDSM sex. When a person has to beg for pleasure they are being punished. For others begging their partner to continue is a big turn on. Most people have the person that is in the submissive role beg the dominate person for pleasure or to keep up a certain sexual act so they can have an orgasm. The orgasm and the pleasure needs to be granted by the dominate person in this game.
For the dominate person begging is another way that they can have power over their partner. They can choose to give in to the begging or they can tease their partner a little before giving into their needs. Many find this act to be fun.